1. What’s special about our soles?
  2. If all your shoes are barefoot, why do you have different soles?
  3. How do I clean/care for my vivo’s?
  4. Should I wear socks or insoles with my vivo?
  5. I have a medical history of injury, can I still transition?
  6. Vivo’s appear to have less components than regular shoes, so why are they expensive?
  7. Why don’t you offer half sizes?
  8. Why do your sizes vary across styles?
  9. What is my size & how do I work this out?
  1. Does Canada participate in the 100-day trial offered by the UK?
  2. Can I return an item that has been marked down?
  3. Where is my refund?
  4. Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
  5. What do I do if my shoes are faulty? Do you offer a guarantee on products?
  6. What happens if I require a refund on an order made using my promotional code?
  7. How do I go about starting my return?
  1. Where can I purchase Vivobarefoot?
  2. Where is my order? I haven't received my order, what should I do?
  3. Where can I track my order?
  4. How do I cancel my order?
  5. Can I order over the phone?
  6. When is stock due in?
  7. How do I redeem a promotional / discount code?
  1. Do you offer price adjustments?
  2. First Nations Tax Exemption on E-Commerce Purchases
  1. How do I change my account details?
  2. How do I create an account?
  3. I cannot login to my account, what should I do?
  1. How do I redeem a promotional / discount code?
  2. What payment options do you accept?
  3. What can I do if I've forgotten to apply a coupon to an order I've already placed?
  1. Where does your leather come from, and is it ethically sourced?
  2. Where do you produce your shoes?
  1. Why buy Revivo’d shoes?
  2. Where do Revivo shoes come from?
  3. Are Revivo services offered in Canada?
  4. What is Revivo?
  1. How much does shipping cost?
  2. How long does it take?
  3. How do I track my order?
  1. How does the program work?
  2. How is the product billed?
  3. What if I don't use the 4-shoe allocation in a single calendar year?
  4. How do I order shoes?
  5. How do I return shoes that don't fit?
  6. How do I return shoes that don’t fit?
  7. Do I own the shoes?
  8. Can I purchase additional pairs of shoes?
  9. How many customers can participate in the pilot program?
  10. Can I have more than one child in the program but only pay for one subscription?
  11. How do I sign up?

We're often asked

  1. Where is my order? I haven't received my order, what should I do?

    Don’t Panic! All orders are dispatched from our warehouse in British Columbia, and the further away from us you are, the longer delivery can take. (See our Shipping and returns page for more details)
    Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email from our warehouse with shipping information. If you have any trouble or your order hasn't shipped within 7 days, get in touch with our Customer Care team

  2. What is Revivo?

    Our aim is to keep as many pairs of Vivo’s out of landfill and provide all products with an end of life solution. And ReVivo is our initial foray into this. Through our partnership with UK-based The Boot Repair Company we have designed a program to turn worn out footwear into revived product, reconditioning them for another life on a new pair of feet. Specialists in all aspects of footwear restoration, their highly skilled team use the latest machinery and eco-friendly products to process slightly worn once loved shoes and revive them back to their former glory.

    All styles have been inspected thoroughly and individually processed and graded, meeting our exacting standards and have been cleaned and refurbished accordingly. Customers can choose whether they wish to buy a product in Excellent, Great or Good condition when selecting their style and size of choice.

    Our ReVivo website provides all the information on how we repair our footwear, allowing you to buy a new pair of refurbished Vivo’s.

  3. Where can I track my order?

    Unfortunately, your tracking information is not stored within your account information on our website. Once your package has shipped, we will send you an email with your tracking information in it. If you did not receive this email or if your package is taking longer than expected please contact us directly. 

  4. Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

    Yes! If your order isn’t right for you, you can return it following our returns protocol.

    Can I return a marked down item?

    Yes, marked-down, clearance or sale items are eligible to be returned for a gift card at the price they were purchased.

    Please ensure that you reach out to our customer care team before returning any marked-down items.


    Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer exchanges. If you would like another size or colour, please place another order and follow the returns process for the original order.

  5. Where can I purchase Vivobarefoot?

    Our full list of distributors and stores to shop Vivobarefoot can be found in our Store Locations page.

    We advise you to shop at  http://www.vivobarefoot.com/  or in any of the legitimate sites listed below which are managed either by Vivobarefoot and/or from our distribution partners.

    International (includes UK, US, Canada and all regions not listed below) https://www.vivobarefoot.com/

    Australia: http://www.vivobarefoot.com.au/

    Austria: https://www.vivobarefoot.com/eu

    Canada: https://www.vivobarefoot.com/ca

    Czech Republic: http://www.vivobarefoot.cz/

    Finland: https://vivokauppa.fi/fi


    Germany: http://www.vivobarefoot.de/

    Israel: http://www.vivobarefoot.il/

    South Africa: https://vivobarefoot.co.za/

    Switzerland: https://www.vivobarefoot.ch/

    Japan: https://vivobarefoot.co.jp/ 

    If you spot a site or a distributor you are not sure of, please contact our customer service team and do not purchase from them until we can confirm if the vendor is legitimate.

    We are working with our legal team to ensure copy sites stop running. While we have authorized retail partners who are able to use our brand name, they are not allowed to make you believe you are purchasing directly from the brand.

  6. Trusted Sites & Retail Partners in Canada

    We advise you to shop at  http://www.vivobarefoot.com/ca or at any of the legitimate retail partners listed below:


    Sole Freedom Shop


    Run Well Run Forever - Distance Runwear


    Shop for Health Products Online | My Health Essentials


    Cool East Market

    Calgary & Edmonton:

    Breathe Outdoors


    Escape Sports


  7. When is stock due in?

    We make every effort to maintain a healthy supply of stock year round, but our shoes move quickly! It’s best to purchase as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

  8. What do I do if my shoes are faulty? Do you offer a guarantee on products?

    We offer a 6-month manufacturing warranty for all our footwear. However, we understand that issues may arise with faulty products beyond this period. In such cases, we review them on a case-by-case basis to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Our warranty policy is subject to the following limitations:

    - It is at the discretion of our trained Customer Service team to determine if shoes fall within our manufacturing warranty.
    - All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt directly from our website or one of our authorized wholesalers.
    - Repaired or replaced products are covered for the remainder of the original warranty.

    Examples of what is not covered by the warranty:

    - Products acquired from aftermarket sources such as online auction sites, liquidators, consignment shops, private sellers, samples, or promotional products.
    - Improper fit. Fit is the responsibility of the owner and should be assured before wearing the product.
    - Comfort issues.
    - Frayed material, worn stitching, and worn soles due to normal wear.
    - Stitching or hardware failure due to tearing or other abnormal wearing accidents.
    - Modifications or alterations to the product.
    - Damage resulting from misuse, normal wear and tear, or damage incurred during storage or transportation.
    - Deterioration from water abuse.
    - Skateboard or bicycle abuse.
    - Cuts, scratches, burns, etc.
    - Shrinkage from overexposure to extreme heat.
    - Waterproof products: Maintaining the waterproof properties of your boots is essential to ensure they stay dry and comfortable. Like all waterproof products, maintenance is necessary. Although our waterproof styles feature a waterproofing membrane within the construction of the boot, the external waterproofing properties of the boots may gradually diminish. This is considered normal usage and is not covered under warranty.

  9. Fraudulent Websites
    It has been brought to our attention that there are illegitimate sites masquerading as Vivobarefoot Canada authorized distributors. These websites often look like outlet or clearance websites selling product that's deeply discounted. If you spot a website or a wholesaler you are not sure of, please contact our customer service team and do not purchase from them until we can confirm if the vendor is legitimate. Please note: Vivobarefoot Canada is not to be held responsible for fraudulent charges incurred.
  10. Do you offer price adjustments?

    Vivobarefoot Canada is committed to providing our customers with the best value for their purchases. Our Price Adjustment Policy is designed to ensure customer satisfaction by allowing eligible customers to receive a refund or credit when the price of a purchased item is reduced within the specified time frame.
    Customers are eligible for a price adjustment under the following conditions:
    1. The original purchase must have been made directly from www.vivobarefoot.com/ca.
    2. The request for a price adjustment must be made within 10 days from the date of receival of goods.
    3. The identical product must be found at a lower price from vivobarefoot.com/ca.

    Process for Requesting Price Adjustment:
    Customers seeking a price adjustment should follow these steps:
    1. Contact our customer service team at customerservice@vivobarefoot.ca.
    2. Provide proof of the lower price and the original purchase receipt.
    3. The request will be reviewed, and eligible customers will receive a refund or credit for the price difference to their original form of payment.
    Automatic Price Adjustments:
    Price adjustments are not automatic and must be initiated by the customer within the specified time frame.
    Policy Changes:
    Vivobarefoot Canada reserves the right to modify or terminate the Price Adjustment Policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated to customers through our official communication channels.
    Price adjustments for online purchases cannot be made in store.
    By implementing this Price Adjustment Policy, Vivobarefoot aims to uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction and provide a fair and transparent process for price adjustments.



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