World of Barefoot

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Twenty Four Seven1 Day ago

Whether you’re escaping the concrete jungle or thriving in it, your feet need sensory feedback and natural movement #twentyfourseven.

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A Classic Example 14 Days ago

THE GOBI No Vivo shoe has been on a design journey with more thought and fine-tuning than the most simple of VIVOBAREFOOT products, the Gobi. Way back in 1957, Nat Clark observed the unique military footwear favoured by the Gurkha...

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Time to let kids grow wild16 Days ago

Our kids spend too much time indoors, on screens, staying clean and, if they are outside, involved in activities organised by adults. It’s a fact: kids today are more likely to wind up in hospital falling out of a...

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Wild Kids20 Days ago

All children have the capacity to grow up strong and creative. We need to free them from the possibility of a lifetime of sitting, screens and conformity.

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The Ultra III Bloom21 Days ago

The Vivobarefoot X Bloom collaboration sees the first ever pair of shoes made from removing environmentally damaging Algae from the World’s waterways.

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she who dares, swims16.08.2017

Adrenaline and adventure is no longer just a boys game - women the World over are smashing extreme sports stereotypes and pushing the podium's boundaries. We caught up with Vivo Athlete, Maja Tesch, to find out why she can't...

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Fjällmaraton : The ultimate running backdrop 08.08.2017

Vivobarefoot Elite Athlete, Jennifer Asp, racing in the Primus Trail SG For the second year, the Vivo team travelled to one of the most picturesque mountains in Sweden for the annual Kia Fjällmaraton; a week-long trail and mountain running...

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