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Kids Hypermobility27.08.2020

HYPER-MOBILITY – what is it and how can it affect your child´s growth? One mother got in touch with us to tell her story, hoping it might help others. Can you tell us about when you noticed there was something different about your son´s mobility? I'm a mum of two , today with a 5 - year - old son and a 6 - year - old daughter. When my son Max was born we soon reali s ed something...

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Barefoot Really is Best.... Especially At School06.08.2020

_A7M5211_1 Kids learn best when they´re moving – and moving barefoot is even better for their growing feet, bodies and brains too. There is an ever-increasing body of scientific work to back this up: Kids who are regularly barefoot have...

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The power of co-creation from the Cradle of Humanity: the Kara people, Belgian designers and barefoot shoemakers21.05.2020

VIVOBAREFOOT X Akaso come together as a unique co-creation team of the Kara people, Belgian designers and barefoot shoemakers with a limited-edition collection of Soul of Africa shoes fusing one of Africa’s oldest art forms with a contemporary spirit

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Ethiopia Skate: a journey of building a community, rejecting cushioned life15.05.2020

Meet and greet Ethiopia Skate, a grassroots community of skateboarders working to empower young people and promote access to skateboarding.

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Do girls need girly shoes27.03.2020

BEING A GIRL is being redefined before our eyes. It’s one of the most exciting parts of parenting tomorrow’s women today. Well, we think so, anyway. The books are changing, the movies are changing, the toys are changing – even...

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Kids don’t need fashion and technology on their feet26.03.2020

IT´S TIME TO REMOVE THE PADDING The sneakers – or trainers – that countless kids around the world pull on every day aren´t good for their feet, bodies OR brains. This is what happens when sports meets fashion and...

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5 reasons you should try barefoot shoes for your kids26.03.2020

1. Feet are connected Our feet are packed with nerve endings that create a vital sensory feedback loop connecting brains to feet and the rest of the body. Keeping this system sparking and active forms the foundation for happy, healthy...

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