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  1. Tracker Textile FG2 Mens
    Fully waterproof, animal-free hikers for varied terrain
  2. Magna Leather FG Mens
    A lightweight hiker made with Taro leather for increased durability
  3. Hydra ESC JJF Mens
    Vivo x John John Florence: Revolutionary high-performance swimrun gear
  4. Tracker Winter SG Mens
    Warm, waterproof, winterised barefoot hiking boots
  5. Primus Trail III All Weather SG Mens
    Barefoot footwear for any-weather trail runs and hikes
  6. Magna Lite WR SG Mens
    Fast-paced, lightweight hiking boots for the trail and beyond.
  7. Tracker Decon FG2 JJF Mens
    Vivo x John John Florence: Stripped-back, forward-looking men's hikers
  8. Magna Trail II FG Mens
    City-to-summit men's hiking trainers, made from animal-free materials
  9. Primus Trail III All Weather FG Mens
    All weather, all terrain barefoot trail trainers
  10. Magna Lite SG Mens
    Magna Lite SG Mens
    $360.00 $320.00
    The summer hiker for barefoot wanderers
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  11. Magna Forest Esc Mens
    The best hiking boots for ESCapes to the wild
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