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  1. Primus Knit Lux Mens
    Primus Knit Lux Mens
    Den naturliga sneakern gjord av trikåtyg i merinoull och vilthudsläder
    Så lågt som 1 785,00 kr
  2. Geo Court Mens
    Geo Court Mens
    Our contemporary leather court shoe.
    Så lågt som 1 495,00 kr
  3. Ra II Mens
    Ra II Mens
    Barefoot minimalist Oxford lace-up made from Wild Hide leather.
    Så lågt som 1 495,00 kr
  4. Addis Mens
    Addis Mens
    Naturlig sneaker, handgjord av vilthudsläder i Etiopien
    Så lågt som 1 215,00 kr
  5. Gobi II Mens
    Gobi II Mens
    Our original minimalist desert boot.
    Så lågt som 1 660,00 kr
  6. Geo Court II Mens
    Geo Court II Mens
    Den pånyttuppfunna minimalistiska First Feel sneakern
    Så lågt som 1 560,00 kr
  7. Ababa Leather Mens
    Ababa Leather Mens
    A tough leather slip-on with a barefoot feel & a social conscience.
    Så lågt som 995,00 kr

Ideal for your day-to-day barefoot needs, our Mens Everyday range lets you move with barefoot ease through any urban landscape and includes everything from minimalist dress shoes, to work shoes and shoes for wandering and exploring the city. Our shoes are made from high quality materials such as Wild Hide leather – like the Gobi II desert boot or the Ra II minimal lace up – or durable canvas materials – found in our versatile Primus Lite and Gobi Canvas. They all feature our super-thin, flexible, patented sole, for reliable puncture protection and natural barefoot freedom. If you’re new to barefoot shoes, train your feet up towards healthy barefoot movement by walking before you run.