1. Primus School II Juniors
    Primus School II Juniors
    Barfota skolskor som håller fötter och hjärnor i rörelse
    Så lågt som 950,00 kr
  2. Primus School II Kids
    Primus School II Kids
    Barfota skolskor som håller sensoriska meddelanden igång i växande hjärnor
    Så lågt som 835,00 kr
  3. Wyn School II Juniors
    Wyn School II Juniors
    Mary Jane-stil skolskor, barfota
    Så lågt som 950,00 kr
  4. Wyn School II Kids
    Wyn School II Kids
    Mary Jane-stil skolskor, barfota
    Så lågt som 835,00 kr
  5. Wyn School Junior
    Wyn School Junior
    Tradition möter barfotakänsla för yngre fötter.
    Så lågt som 885,00 kr

Barefoot Kids School shoes are built to help your kids thrive naturally from school to the weekend and beyond. The Primus School Kids is a no fuss durable shoe made from tough wild hide leather that can withstand as much as the school day – and the weekend – can throw at it, while the Primus School Junior features a multi-terrain grip that will let your kids tackle the transition from the playground to more challenging surfaces, all while retaining our unique barefoot feel.