World of Barefoot

7 december 2017




We are looking for an independent film-maker to make a film with a working title ‘Shoespiracy’. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, then you’re probably not the person we’re looking for. If it does – then read on!

In the spirit of Zeitgeist and Cowspiracy (but not so long) we want to enable the production of a film that helps to launch ‘the decade of the foot’. When did it become normal to have a shoe-shaped foot and why is it so unfashionable to have a foot-shaped foot? At what point did fashion leave function out of the game and has the shoe industry knowingly ‘soled’ us all a lie?

Regular natural movement is the best anti-ageing program known to man but from a young age, feet in the Western world are crammed into non-foot shaped shoes resulting in weak and deformed feet. The majority of people get injured when they run and by the time they get to 50 are in some sort of chronic pain. Sedentary lifestyles (and shoes) are to blame!

With gravity and space to move, the majority of feet can regain their natural strength and shape remarkably quickly – we’d like to inspire a generation to rehab their feet and make it normal to preserve the natural shape of children’s feet into adult life.

  • Strong healthy feet are the foundation of natural movement.
  • The body has all the shock absorbing and motion control technology you’ll ever need (just ask any animal)
  • Injury and pain can be caused by a lack of skill in using this technology.
  • Provide the brain with accurate sensory feedback and it will take care of you.

We want to enable a film that is concurrently hard-hitting, inspiring and amusing… about, you guessed it, feet!


Three versions one for the internet (less than 3 minutes) and a longer version (10 mins long), plus a trailer (30 seconds).

Sound-bites with the leading protagonists including scientists and medics from Harvard to Harley Street.


Budget: $40k

Timing: Competition winner announced: January 2018.

Film-making and editing: January to May.

Red Carpet: May 2018.

If you think you are the one to make this film please sign up to the Tongalwebsite and apply through the VIVOBAREFOOT page.




This isn’t about us, it’s about time. Time the world lets their feet do their natural thing. We want to discover the filmmaker that might just prove that we’ve been standing on the truth all along. Your feet!