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feet, people and planet

The outdoors is for everybody. Except, it isn’t yet. 

Our right to roam the land is ancient, but precarious. Even with hard-fought legal access, many still feel unwelcome outdoors. This must change. The wide-ranging health benefits of time in nature are well documented, and the environmental stewardship it fosters is powerful. Everybody deserves to reconnect with the wild.

Vivo and fellow B Corp Finisterre are committed to creating fairer, more diverse outdoor access. This is why Right to Roam is:

-Celebrating and amplifying communities stepping up, stepping out and telling new stories about who the outdoors is for.

-Hosting outdoor adventures and workshops to educate and enable access to nature.

-Providing Right to Roam kits to get everybody moving in nature.

-Laying a stepping stone to an exciting collective project challenging discrimination outdoors, coming soon…

So join us! Surf riders and urban outsiders, barefoot newcomers and never felt welcomers: this is for you. Be welcome, and help us welcome others.

Opening up this world


The two sides to healing


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Marlon Patrice and Seren Jones know the power of nature. That’s why they’re stepping up, alongside their communities, to tell a new story about who the outdoors is for.

Our right to roam is longstanding but hard fought. And it’s about more than legal access to land. Starting with some right-to-roam history, this blog explains why the right-to-roam fight continues, and what we’re doing to help.