Run further, lift heavier, dig deeper. Build natural strength, balance and flexibility in our barefoot shoes for running, weightlifting and crossfit. Find new limits.


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  1. Motus Flex Womens
    Bend the rules of conventional training
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  2. Outsole Primus Lite III Womens
    Feel the power of barefoot training, from CrossFit to primal movement
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  3. Primus Lite 3.5 Womens
    The barefoot training all-rounder – one step closer to recyclable
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  4. Motus Strength Womens
    Motus Strength Womens
    $200.00 $160.00
    Training footwear for strength and durability
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  5. Primus Lite Knit Womens
    A barefoot sneaker for strength training, animal flow and light running