When kids grow up wild and barefoot they connect to the earth beneath their feet. Not just to grow strong and resilient of body and mind, but rising up at one with nature in all its magnitude and magnificence. United with Gaia, the barefoot way.

A whole new way to explore the world

Help kids’ feet grow strong and physically able for agile and balanced movement. Natural health for life, starting from the ground up.

VivoKids Gaia is the ideal first bare footwear, a vegan model made from durable and washable organic cotton with a reinforced toe box for added protection, with less materials overall for enhanced barefoot feeling. Easy Velcro fastening for small hands to pull on and off independently.

  1. Gaia Toddlers
    Gaia Toddlers
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  2. Gaia Kids
    Gaia Preschool
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  3. Gaia Kids
    Gaia Kids
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Barefoot simplicity for active kids


Foot-shaped so feet have space to grow strong and flexible.


Feet that feel can send more sensory messages to brains.


For the full range of motion needed to work growing muscles.