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  1. Geo Racer II Mens
    Geo Racer II Mens
    Feet First träningssko, gjord av återvunna och veganska material
    Så lågt som 1 505,00 kr
  2. Primus Lite III All Weather Mens
    Primus Lite III All Weather Mens
    Den lätta aktiva allvädersträningsskon för träning året om
    Så lågt som 1 550,00 kr
  3. Primus Lite III Mens
    Primus Lite III Mens
    Den lätta återvunna aktiva träningsskon gjord för fri rörlighet
    Så lågt som 1 445,00 kr
  4. Geo Racer Knit Mens
    Geo Racer Knit Mens
    Återuppbygg din naturliga fotstyrka med varje träning.
    Så lågt som 1 550,00 kr

Our Mens Active range includes lightweight trainers, for all your barefoot running needs, as well as shoes for court sports and all-round urban exploring. With our design principles of Wide, Thin & Flexible shoes, our active line gives your feet the space they need to function as nature and evolution intended, offering enhanced stability and balance.
The light and lean Primus Lite for men has a flexible, breathable mesh, giving your feet total freedom of movement, while the Stealth III with its hex mesh upper allows for support and stretch, perfect for skilful movement and court games.
Transitioning to barefoot running is a gradual process, and our Active range makes it easy to make the leap. Start with walking, and slowly build up the strength and flexibility needed to train and run barefoot, all the way to the marathon finish line.