Below you will find a full list of VivoHealth courses, including our own barefoot movement courses. These have been carefully crafted to guide your own natural heath journey.

You can access all courses via our dedicated content platform, with online support from Vivobarefoot coaches.

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Become a Barefoot movement coach

Learn to Run

Breathwork For Performance Online Course

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In-store barefoot coaching


We want to help you reconnect with your body and the natural world. The VivoHealth Hub offers access to leading thinkers in natural health, sharing videos, easy-to-follow courses and real-life events to guide you on your journey.

From understanding the fundamentals of barefoot movement to discovering breathwork, it’s time to realise your natural potential.


Dr. Peter Francis

Institute of Technology Carlow

Adam Daniel MBA

Human Performance and Leadership Coach

Dr. Irene Davis

Biomechanist & Founder of Spaulding National Running Center

Dr. Florian Zitzelsberger

High performance Physiotherapist & movement practitioner

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