From office-ready Oxford shoes to adventure-ready desert boots, live barefoot in our stripped-back men's classics. Stay grounded, whatever the day holds. 


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  1. Sensus Mens
    Sensus Mens
    Pushing Barefoot Boundaries With Traditional Shoe-Making Techniques
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  2. Scott Pilgrim Womens
    Pilgrim Mens
    Find balance in the chaos with our first conductive footwear
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  3. Primus Asana III Mens
    Primus Asana III Mens
    £150.00 £105.00
    Barefoot Trainers For Grounded City Living
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  4. Primus Asana II Mens
    Primus Asana II Mens
    £150.00 £105.00
    Barefoot, nature-made trainers
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  5. Geo Court III Mens
    Soft, premium leather trainers for grounded movement
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  6. Gobi Lux Mens
    Gobi Lux Mens
    Handcrafted Leather Desert Boots For Footloose Living
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  7. Ra III Lux Mens
    Ra III Lux Mens
    The Refined Metal-Free Leather Oxford That Blurs Work And Play