Our signature barefoot designs, made using premium, animal-free materials.

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  1. Primus Trail III SG Womens
    Primus Trail III SG Womens
    £145.00 £102.00
    Barefoot trail footwear that takes you off-track
  2. Primus Trail Knit FG Womens
    Primus Trail Knit FG Womens
    £140.00 £105.00
    The feet-first recycled trail runner for tackling untouched terrain
  3. Ultra III Bloom Womens
    Lightweight and regenerative amphibious shoes
  4. Primus Lite III Womens
    Feel the power of barefoot training, from CrossFit to primal movement
  5. Primus Trail II FG Womens
    Barefoot trail-running sneakers that double as outdoor lifestyle wear
  6. Primus Trail Knit FG Womens
    For trail runners, ramblers and kindred spirits
  7. Hydra Esc Womens
    Revolutionary, high-performance swimrun sneakers
  8. Magna Lite SG Womens
    Magna Lite SG Womens
    £170.00 £136.00
    A spring and summer hiker for fast, light barefoot adventures

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