Send your old Vivos to our Take Back Programme!

Last year, hundreds of customers joined our successful ‘Amnesty’ trial. We received 2,600 pairs of old Vivos, which were refurbished for resale or saved from landfill.

Now, we’re going further with our Take Back programme – and you can send us your old Vivos by following the instructions below.

Once received, they are refurbished and placed on our re-commerce site – www.revivo.com.

If they can’t be saved, we’ll keep them until a suitable end of life solution is found.

Every year the global shoe industry creates 24 BILLION pairs of shoes. Far too many of these don’t travel far – and end up in landfill within a year.

But together, we can help to fight the global waste problem.

Customers in the UK, US and Europe can send us your worn Vivos for free.

Customers living in UK, please click below for free shipping with Royal Mail.

Customers living in US, please click below for free shipping with USPS.

Customers living in EU, please click below for free shipping in your country.


Please – only send Vivobarefoot footwear.