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Physio Fix Foot and Ankle Course

Transform your foot and ankle strength, mobility and health

The Foot & Ankle Fix is a twelve-week online program that will improve your foot and ankle strength, mobility and health. It will improve your physical performance, however you play, and is excellent for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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The Foot & Ankle Fix consists of three 30-minute workouts per week. The workouts change every four weeks to keep things fresh and improve your ability.


Transform your foot and ankle strength, mobility and health in just twelve weeks. The Foot & Ankle Fix consists of three 30-minute workouts per week. The workouts change every four weeks to keep things fresh and improve your ability.


The course was designed by Certified strength and Conditioning Specialist, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Founder of The Physio Fix, Dr. Stacie Barber.


You’ll need the following:

A miniband
A powerband, resistance band or cables
A dumbbell or kettlebell
A box, bench or step
A towel

Course structure

The program is for everybody, from serious athletes to beginners simply looking to move a little more and feel healthier.

Phase 1

WEEK 1-4

The first 4 weeks focus on building a solid foundation of strenght and stability of the feet/toes and ankles and incorporate a lot of mobility work to make sure the joints are moving optimally.

Phase 2

WEEK 5-8

The next 4 weeks are a strenght and stability progression on the first phase and focus less on mobility (although still include what is needed to warm up the ankles/feet/toes each day) and then begin to incorporate morecompound movements for functional improvements.

Phase 3

WEEK 9-12

The last 4 weeks continue to build on the first two phases. They include mobility work to help warm up, the progressive strenght and functional training, and add more dynamic and plyometric movements to continue loading the tissues and building resiliency.

Meet the coach

Dr. Stacie Barber, PT, DPT is the founder and owner of The Physio Fix.

They provide quality, personalised physical therapy and performance coaching that is accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

As a former NCAA gymnast and current Olympic weightlifter, Dr. Stacie has had her fair share of injuries and surgeries (11 surgeries, to be exact!). She understands how detrimental injuries are, for professionals and novices alike. This is why she spends lots of time analysing her patients’ movement patterns, identifying deficits and improving body mechanics to fix and prevent problems. Her treatment plans incorporate strength training, mobility training and sports performance enhancement to help people unleash their full potential.

Take their word for it

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