Barefoot kid's shoes made using high performance, vegan* materials.


*The main materials in all our Vegan* products are synthetic and aren’t derived from animals. We don’t (yet) have the transparency we need over the production of all the small components (such as adhesives and dyes) used in these products to ensure they meet vegan best practices. So, whilst we believe the shoes are vegan, we’re not yet able to guarantee it and want to be fully transparent.


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  1. Pluma Knit Preschool
    Barefoot kids' shoes
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  2. Lumi FG Preschool
    Lumi FG Preschool
    DKK 725.00
    The warmest ever kids' winter boots, with extra grip
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  3. Primus Sport III Toddlers
    Barefoot, pull-on trainers for active kids
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  4. Primus Sport III Preschool
    Barefoot, pull-on trainers for active kids
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  5. Primus Sport III Kids
    Barefoot, pull-on trainers for active kids
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  6. Primus Sport III Juniors
    Barefoot, pull-on trainers for active kids
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  7. Gaia Toddlers
    Gaia Toddlers
    DKK 415.00
    The barefoot starter shoe for toddlers
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  8. Gaia Kids
    Gaia Preschool
    DKK 460.00
    The barefoot starter shoe for preschoolers