Let them be wild. Barefoot kids' shoes give growing feet the space to move naturally. Building strength and flexibility, and sparking vital sensory feedback to the brain.



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  1. Ultra Bloom Juniors
    Ultra Bloom Juniors
    DKK 585.00
    Regenerative water shoes for the re-generation
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    In stock
  2. Primus Ludo Hi Juniors
    Recyclable and vegan* sneaker boots for all weather
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    In stock
  3. Primus Sport III Juniors
    Primus Sport III Juniors
    DKK 675.00 DKK 473.00
    Barefoot, pull-on trainers for active kids
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    In stock
  4. Primus Trail II FG Juniors
    Primus Trail II FG Juniors
    DKK 725.00 DKK 508.00
    Tough-wearing, rough terrain outdoor trainers for kids
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    In stock
  5. Primus Ludo Juniors
    Everyday kids' shoes for smart, active feet (and brains)
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    In stock
  6. Primus Ludo School Juniors
    Barefoot school shoes with plenty of tricks
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    In stock
  7. Wyn School Juniors
    Wyn School Juniors
    DKK 675.00
    Minimal, classic girls' school shoes with a barefoot twist
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    In stock
  8. Lumi X Arctic Angels Juniors
    Waterproof kids' boots for winter fun
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    In stock
  9. Lumi Juniors
    Lumi Juniors
    DKK 815.00 DKK 611.00
    The warmest ever kids' winter boots
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    In stock
  10. Lumi FG Juniors
    Lumi FG Juniors
    DKK 815.00
    Our warmest ever kids' winter boots, with extra grip
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    In stock
  11. Addis Wyn Juniors
    Addis Wyn Juniors
    DKK 660.00
    Barefoot kids' school shoes that are anything but uniform
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    In stock

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    Teach kids to stand on their own two feet.

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