Be an Outsider. Reconnect with nature.



Founded in 2012 by two seventh-generation cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot is based on one simple insight -barefoot footwear is regenerative to human health.

A Vivobarefoot product or experience is one that literally brings us closer to nature.

We believe:
The closer people are to nature, the more they will protect it.
The natural world is the only real model of sustainability.
Barefoot footwear is regenerative to human health.


The human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece; when left to its own devices it can thrive doing everything from walking and running to jumping and dancing, but by cramming it in a modern shoe - cushioned, narrow and rigid - negates its natural strength and function. Our feet are our foundation connecting us to the earth, they should not be compromised.

All Vivobarefoot footwear is designed to be Wide, Thin and Flexible: as close to barefoot as possible. They promote your foot's natural strength and movement. Allowing you to feel the ground beneath your feet.

There is a powerful sensory connection between the feet and the brain and thus, our movement and place in the world. A Vivobarefoot shoe reconnects you to the world around you, literally bringing you closer to nature.


Vivobarefoot is a B Corporation(™) Certified business for good. B corp(™) are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Companies in the B Corp community meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

These values are at the core of Vivobarefoot and everything we do. 

But we also know that sustainability is no longer enough. Our sedentary, cushioned lifestyles are making us and the planet sick: we must take radical action to restore and regenerate health and the natural world.


Our footwear is designed wide, thin and flexible for natural strength and freedom of movement. We make our footwear as close to barefoot as possible to connect you to the earth and feel the ground beneath your feet.

Combining ancient indigenous wisdom with modern innovation, our range consists of natural, biosynthetic and recycled material products of super minimalist design.


Most kids are lucky enough to be born with the potential to grow with strong, healthy feet for agile, physical movement. 

VivoKids is all about raising nature-loving, wild kids who play free and get dirty because this is the best way to raise the healthy, happy, smart kids our planet really, really needs.


Over 24 billion pairs are produced each year, with over 90% of these likely to end up in landfill — often within 12 months of purchase.

The majority of shoes are crammed full of petrochemical materials that outlast their use by 1000's of years when thrown away.

ReVivo is the world's first e-commerce marketplace for refurbished and repaired barefoot shoes. Keeping our shoes on our feet and out of landfill.


We believe barefoot is a way of life. Embracing nature, community, learning and play (barefoot) are all fundamentals to our health.

Vivobarefoot runs a series of experiences and events you can join us on. From bushcraft retreats to outdoor swimming and running events, to talks and forums to learn more about regenerative and indigenous design principles and even festival pop ups.

Join us to embrace the barefoot life.


The short-term comfort of foam and air is having a long-term effect on our health.

Shoespiracy is a short documentary that sheds light on a 'shoe-shaped' public health scandal.

We speak with footwear innovators, Harvard professors, doctors and medical leaders to challenge the way we think about the effects of footwear on feet and health. 


For most, sustainability means doing a little less harm. We know this is not enough. Change can only come if we're open about the systemic challenges we face. 

The world is awash in 'greenwash' convincing us the problems don't exist. 

Our podcast is just one thing we are doing to change that. Sustain This? asks the tough questions to get to the hard truths so we can take action. 


More than ever, the world needs transparent and accountable businesses with a social mission to benefit the world at their core.

The Livebarefoot Fund is our in-house incubation hub for social and environmental initiatives that pioneer regeneration solutions for environmental and social problems. 

Our long-term goal is to be the world's leading impact investment hub for regeneration.