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  1. Primus Ludo School Preschool
    Barefoot school shoes with plenty of tricks
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    In stock
  2. Primus Ludo School Kids
    Barefoot school shoes with plenty of tricks
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    In stock
  3. Primus Ludo School Juniors
    Barefoot school shoes with plenty of tricks
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    In stock
  4. Gaia Toddlers
    Gaia Toddlers
    The barefoot starter shoe for toddlers
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  5. Gaia Preschool
    The barefoot starter shoe for preschoolers
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    In stock
  6. Gaia Kids
    Gaia Kids
    The barefoot starter shoe for kids
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    In stock
  7. Ultra Bloom Juniors
    Ultra Bloom Juniors
    $120.00 $100.00
    Regenerative water shoes for the re-generation
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    In stock
  8. Lumi Toddlers
    Lumi FG Toddlers
    $150.00 $105.00
    The warmest ever kids' winter boot
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    In stock
  9. Gobi Addis Juniors
    Gobi Addis Juniors
    $162.00 $100.00
    Barefoot children's desert boots
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    In stock
  10. Addis Wyn Kids
    Velcro back to school shoes for barefoot kids
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    In stock
  11. Addis Lewa Kids
    Addis Lewa Kids
    $130.00 $95.00
    A retro Ethiopian sneaker for feeling wild everyday
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    In stock

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