Parks to peaks. City to summit. Walk, run, hike, work out or dance in our women's barefoot shoes. Move with strength, stability and freedom.

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  1. Primus Lite IV All Weather Womens
    All-weather barefoot trainers for year-round movement
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  2. Tracker Decon FG2 Womens
    Tracker Decon FG2 Womens
    $230.00 $161.00
    Stripped-back, forward-looking hikers
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  3. Primus Lite Knit JJF Womens
    Vivo x John John Florence: Barefoot trainers for natural health
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  4. Addis Womens
    Addis Womens
    $160.00 $104.00
    Barefoot women's trainers for all-day feeling
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  5. Gobi Chelsea Womens
    Gobi Chelsea Womens
    $190.00 $133.00
    Barefoot Chelsea boots for the re-generation
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  6. Magna FG Womens
    Magna FG Womens
    $210.00 $158.00
    A lightweight casual hiker made with Nubuck leather
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  7. Primus Trail II All Weather FG Womens
    The all-weather trainer for rugged terrain
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  8. Gobi III Win Womens
    Gobi III Win Womens
    $190.00 $100.00
    Handcrafted leather boots for barefoot winter living
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  9. Ra III Womens
    Ra III Womens
    $175.00 $119.00
    The natural leather Oxford that blurs work and play
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  10. Ultra III Bloom Womens
    Ultra III Bloom Womens
    $120.00 $96.00
    Lightweight and regenerative amphibious shoes
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