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The 2022 Innovation 4.4. Oceans Prize

Human and planetary health go foot in foot. To truly serve both, we must walk in step with nature, applying nature’s wisdom to strive for regenation. 

We must start giving back more than we take by radically rethinking what we produce and how we produce. This is why Vivobarefoot is partnering with Innovation 4.4, an international organisation catalysing innovation for oceans solutions.

2022 Oceans Prize

Alongside Innovation 4.4, we’re offering $50,000 USD prize funding for the most viable 3D-printable, non-toxic biosynthetic alternative to oil-based plastics. We will also work with the winner to turn the material into a key part of our vision for the future of footwear: Vivo Biome.

Vivo Biome imagines nature-based footwear 3D printed locally, foot by foot. We are creating regenerative footwear where bio evolution meets tech revolution.

Bio-material innovation is critical to Vivo Biome, which is why we’re so excited to be standing with Innovation 4.4 championing the new generation of regenerative trailblazers.


1rst October 2023 – Application deadline

October to November 2023  - Shortlisting and laboratory testing

December 2023 – Three finalists and a winner announced

The Ultra III BLOOM®


Lina Constantinovici

 (Founder & CEO, Innovation 4.4)

Dr. Adam Sclanger

(PhD in Oceanography; Science Director, Innovation 4.4)

Nick Gogerty

(MD, Carbon Finance Labs)

Katherine Hill Ritchie

(Investor in early-stage companies)

Charlotte Pumford

(Head of Regenerative Impact, Vivobarefoot)

Dr. Nathan Walworth

(Entrepreneurial climate scientist and futurist)