If your application is successful, becoming a VivoBiome Pioneer will cost £260. In return, you will get:





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Found out what being a Biome Pioneer entails


How will you select Pioneers? 

  • We’ll select Pioneers who: 
  • Agree the shoe industry is trashing our feet and our planet, and want to change the future of footwear.  
  • Be active on social or within your community  
  • Move regularly so you can put your Biomes to the test 
  • Live in the UK and will be able to come into London between 11th - 27th August for an in-person 3D foot scan.  

Are there any eligibility requirements?  

  • You must be a UK resident, be 18 or over and able to come into London for a physical 3D foot scan (we’ll use this scan to create your footwear) in August.  
  • As you’ll be testing our digital footwear platform you’ll need to have access to a smartphone. 

What responsibilities will I have as a Pioneer? 

  • First up, you’ll need to complete both an in-person and an on-mobile foot scan between 11th - 27th August. We’ll use these scans to create Biomes perfect for your feet.  
  • As a Pioneer, your feedback will be the making of VivoBiome so you’ll need to provide honest and detailed feedback around a week after you receive the footwear. We will contact you when feedback is due and remind you to complete it.  
  • To put the prototypes through their paces, you’ll need to run, walk, dance and move in your Biomes, covering a decent number of steps and activities before you give feedback.  

How long will it take for my VivoBiomes to arrive?  

Once we’ve got both foot scans from all Pioneers, we’ll start working on your footwear. It should take around six weeks from when you’ve completed both foot scans to receive your first Biomes.  

How much does being a Pioneer cost? 

If your application is successful, becoming a Biome Pioneer will cost £260. £260 is the cost for one pair of BIOMES and when you complete your feedback, you’ll get a further two pairs for free. On top of that, you’ll receive a foot health MOT, access to exclusive events and workshops, plus VivoHealth courses and more.   

What footwear will I receive?  

  • As a Pioneer, you will receive three pairs of first edition, prototype VivoBiome Wings.  
  • Each pair will be slightly different iterations, the idea being we use your feedback on the first pair to inform the second pair, and so on.  
  • The VivoBiome Wings are made from 3D printed TPU outsoles and 3D knitted sock polyester uppers.   
  • Our vision is for onshore local manufacturing, but for the first rounds of prototype products as we find partners to work with, the footwear will be made and assembled offshore.