Parks to peaks. City to summit. Walk, run, hike, work out or dance in our women's barefoot shoes. Move with strength, stability and freedom.


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  1. Magna Lite WR SG Womens
    Fast-paced, lightweight hiking boots for the trail and beyond.
  2. Primus Trail III All Weather FG Womens
    Barefoot footwear for year-round trail running and hiking
  3. Primus Trail Knit FG Womens
    For trail runners, ramblers and kindred spirits
  4. Tracker Decon FG2 JJF Womens
    Vivo x John John Florence: Stripped-back, forward-looking women's hikers
  5. Magna FG Womens
    Magna FG Womens
    £170.00 £128.00
    A lightweight hiker made with natural materials
  6. Novus Womens
    Novus Womens
    Barefoot trainers that fuse urban style and outdoor sole
  7. Primus Trail II FG Womens
    Barefoot trail-running sneakers that double as outdoor lifestyle wear
  8. Hydra Esc Womens
    Revolutionary, high-performance swimrun sneakers
  9. Tracker Winter SG Womens
    Warm, waterproof, winterised barefoot hiking boots
  10. Magna Forest Esc Womens
    Follow the call of the wild
  11. Magna FG Womens
    Magna FG Womens
    £170.00 £119.00
    The city to summit hiker made with merino wool and wild hide leather