To inspire a world with less padding and more feeling.

The Reconnection to your Origins experiences will bring you closer to nature through a weekend of learning and adventure.

Situated in the beautiful Lake District National park you will be guided by the highly respected bushcraft educators and wilderness specialists from the Wild Human team.

All profits from the course go back into the Livebarefoot Foundation, to help support rewilding experiences across the world. All those attends will also get 30% discount off Vivobarefoot’s Outdoor range.

Spaces are limited to 15 participants per course – don’t miss out!

Wildlife Tracking

Tracking wildlife is a forgotten skill that enriches every walk. Learn tracking and some of the hunting techniques of our ancestors such as natural movement and barefoot walking. Make a spear-thrower and learn to use this ancient weapon. This fun weekend will be packed with in-depth knowledge as well as games

*Family friendly: Over age of 10


11-13 June 2021
If you could not buy medicine or food, could you find it in the wild? Learn to identify different trees and plants and find nutritious wild-foods and medicines. Discover traditional uses, including plants that can be used for containers or cordage. Make a simple, but effective, herbal remedy.

*Family friendly: for children aged 13 plus, as the content will be more suited to adults.


25-27 JUNE 2021
Being able to conjure a fire in the wild is empowering. Learn ancient fire-lighting skills from the stone ages: making sparks and fire-by-friction as well as modern methods of ignition. Build your camp fire to cook tasty food using ancient techniques.

*Family friendly: Over age of 10


9-11 JULY 2021
If you had literally nothing, could you make yourself a simple stone tool and survive? Learn about the art of making stone blades and beautiful functional tools. Practice flint-knapping to make tools such as knives, simple saws and spear or arrow-heads.

*Family friendly: for children aged 13 plus, as the content will be more suited to adults.


The Wild Human team of Ben McNutt and Deborah Nickolls are highly respected bushcraft instructors and survival experts, who create an environment where you can learn, grow, expand your horizons and get the most from your time in the wild.

Ben and Debs are truly dedicated to nature, continuously refining their wilderness skills and knowledge, often pioneering new skill-sets and experiences, to empower others to enjoy the nature reconnection journey.

Oak Howe is 13 acres of private young woodland. Planted with native broadleaf trees from 2011 as a re-wilding/woodland creation project. It is home to some beautiful mature oak trees and a stretch of river that add to an ever-increasing diversity of wildlife. Oak Howe is located within the Lake District National Park, half-way between Kendal and Windermere.


We wish that the wild and nature learning experiences were easily accessible to all. However, the environmental poverty is becoming a real phenomenon of the modern society. But we don’t give up! With a super enthusiastic support of our Vivobarefoot colleague who comes from South Africa, every ticket bought, will enable a child to have a guided experience into nature outside of Cape Town.