23 November 2023

What would Mother Nature say about Black Friday?

What would Mother Nature say about Black Friday?

Anyone who’s ever been a teenager will recall the familiar quips of their disapproving parents – from walking to school uphill (both ways, of course) to accusations of treating their home like a hotel. If Mother Nature were a parent in the literal sense, she’d have a thing or two to say about Black Friday. 

Especially when it comes to shoes. They leave a colossal footprint: over 
24 billion pairs made every year, with about 90% of those ending up in landfill within a year.

This is why we created Revivo, our platform to help people buy less new, fix more and use longer. Just the kind of thing Mother Nature loves.
At Revivo there are heaps of helpful tips and products to help you keep your existing Vivobarefoot footwear in great shape for longer. We also run a repair service for UK customers – but we’re very close to expanding this, so definitely watch this space! 

You can also purchase refurbished, second-hand Revivos on the site. They’ve all been expertly cleaned, disinfected and refurbished to give them a new lease of life. The site also features some leftover stock from previous seasons; an especially good way to buy for kids (those feet grow fast!) as well as your favourite ‘vintage’ Vivos that we don’t make anymore.

We were the first footwear brand to launch a resale platform because ultimately, we want to do things differently. 
So this Black Friday, let’s listen to Mother Nature. Instead of buying new, try buying refurbished instead. Or show some TLC to a pair of old favourites by giving them a good clean, or sending them back to us for repair. Giving the shoes you already own a new lease of life so they last longer is exactly the sort of thing that will make Mother proud. 
After all, the only things worse than an angry parent, is one who’s disappointed.