January 2018

We innovate sustainably with both leather AND vegan materials31.01.2018

We’ve developed shoe-making materials for the conscious consumer. Discover sustainable innovation with Vegan designs and thoughtfully-sourced Wild Hide leather in our latest blog.

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Officially launching last month at the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we’ve developed a shoe entwined with the thinnest pressure sensors modern technology has to offer, allowing immediate on-screen visuals of underfoot sensory data with extreme precision. For...

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Primus Innovation18.01.2018

The Primus barefoot shoe collection repreesents the pinnacle of ‘feet first’ design principles. By popular demand, we’ve created this introduction to each member the Primus Family, so you can find the perfect companion for your #LIVEBAREFOOT lifestyle

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Big wave surfer Torsten Durkan is turning the tide on Coral Bleaching by surfing GIANT waves10.01.2018

VIVOBAREFOOT have partnered with big wave Surfer, Torsten Durkan, who is helping turn the tide damage to our Oceans using an ingenious initiative… For every towering foot of wave that he Surfs, Torsten secures a pledge from individuals and companies, used to fund ocean conservation projects, specifically focusing on coral bleaching in the wake of climate change.

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What's the best parenting advice you might not read about?09.01.2018

What’s the best parenting advice you might not read about? Let them play free and grow wild! It’s time to take action. Us modern parents are hovering, helicoptering and hoovering up our kids’ ability to be wild and play free in nature.

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