Take the first step in your transition to natural health with our Barefoot Fundamentals Course.

This course will help you connect more closely with your body by improving your mobility, flexibility and strength – from the ground up.

Whether you’re new to barefoot or have been wearing them for years, this is a great place to start. This course is suitable for everyday barefoot wearers, as well as anyone looking to move pain-free or improve their athletic performance.


Ben has spent his career analysing efficient running technique, evaluating balance and posture, improving functional foot health and delivering highly personalised training plans. He is a leading expert in the practical application of barefoot science.


This course will guide and support your smooth transition to barefoot movement. In 7 steps – each with a follow-along video - we’ll help you rewild your feet, realign your posture, and walk, run and move more naturally.

By practicing the movements in this course, you will improve your mobility, reduce any chronic pain and discover an ease of movement that brings joy and connection to your day-to-day life.

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