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  1. Geo Court II Mens
    Geo Court II Mens
    The reinvented minimalist sneaker, for feet first style
    As low as $178.00
  2. Primus Knit Lux Mens
    Primus Knit Lux Mens
    The natural knit sneaker made with merino wool and wild hide leather
    As low as $203.00
  3. Tracker II FG Mens
    Tracker II FG Mens
    The lightweight and hardwearing, waterproof hiking boots.
    As low as $280.00
  4. Primus Lite III Mens
    Primus Lite III Mens
    The lightweight recycled active trainer, made for uninhibited movement
    As low as $172.00
  5. Geo Racer II Mens
    Geo Racer II Mens
    Feet first exercise footwear, made with recycled and vegan materials
    As low as $172.00
  6. Primus Lite II Mens
    Primus Lite II Mens
    Lightweight and versatile - made with recycled materials
    As low as $117.00
  7. Primus Trail II FG Mens
    Primus Trail II FG Mens
    The feet-first recycled trail runner for tackling untouched terrain.
    As low as $184.00
  8. Geo Court Mens
    Geo Court Mens
    Our contemporary leather court shoe.
    As low as $172.00
  9. Ra II Mens
    Ra II Mens
    Barefoot minimalist Oxford lace-up made from Wild Hide leather.
    As low as $172.00
  10. Primus Lite II Bio Mens
    Primus Lite II BIO Mens
    Lightweight and versatile, made using renewable plant based materials
    As low as $117.00
  11. Addis Mens
    Addis Mens
    The natural sneaker, handmade in Ethiopia with wild hide leather
    As low as $140.00