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What is Pronation, Overpronation and Supination?3 Days ago

Pronation and Supination are natural and essential for healthy feet and ankles. The truth is the natural functional foot is an incredible piece of kit and is designed to pronate and supinate when you walk and run. Your movement skill shapes your anatomy, you are how you move. Pronation and Supination are necessary shock absorption and stability mechanisms for healthy functioning feet and ankles. What about pronation and running shoes? It is very normal to go to your local running...

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Vegan Leather isn't Vegan17 Days ago

Let’s take a moment to unpick what ‘vegan leather’ actually means. At first glance, it’s a smart marketing tool to describe a leather substitute which doesn’t use any product which has harmed an animal. Seems straightforward enough. But can that...

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Vivobarefoot x Arctic Angels at The World Economic Forum 2020 26 Days ago

Youth are the next generation of voices of influence; we have the power to change the world, for better or worse. This belief in the transformative power of young people is the foundation upon which the Arctic Angels Youth Action...

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Feel Better in 5 with Dr Rangan Chatterjee15.01.2020

One of the key topics in my latest book, Feel Better In 5: Your Daily Plan To Feel Great For Life, is connection. So Vivobarefoot’s mission statement, to reconnect people and planet, really resonates with me. The idea that we...

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Foot Care is Back Care20.12.2019

I used to suffer with persistent lower back pain. After multiple trips to the doctors and various physiotherapists I was diagnosed with having chronically tight psoas muscles (pronounced SO-as). The psoas muscles are large, thick, structural muscles; the internal scaffolding...

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the human sense you can't touch, smell or hear20.12.2019

WHAT’S THE HUMAN SENSE YOU CAN’T TOUCH, SMELL OR HEAR? It’s your balance. But great balance isn’t about pulling off headstands and backflips. Your sense of balance is with you every step you take (we could add ‘every move...

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How Being Barefoot Can Affect Your Brain & Mental Health20.12.2019

What is Sensory Feedback and Why Do You Need It? In feet, sensory feedback is essentially information our foot passes onto our brain, which helps us understand what’s underfoot and make decisions quickly. One of the biggest downsides of conventional...

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