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  1. Primus Sport II Toddlers
    Primus Sport II Toddlers
    Everyday barefoot pull-on for full movement potential
  2. Primus Bootie II All Weather Toddlers
    Primus Bootie II All Weather Toddlers
    Water resistant, vegan mid top sneaker boot
    From US$64.00
  3. Lumi Toddlers
    Lumi Toddlers
    Go wild all winter long
  4. Lumi X Arctic Angels Toddlers
    Lumi X Arctic Angels Toddlers
    Boots for wild winters and supporting arctic climate action

Kids are the future, and being barefoot early can set them up for a life of natural strength, balance and all-round foot health. And, most importantly, add extra feeling to every adventure! Lifestyle kids’ footwear features sneakers, boots and slip ons for day-to-day exploration, from garden play to family days out. Outdoor kids’ Vivos include tough boots and trail footwear for puddle sploshing and tree climbing. And our School range has slip ons, lace ups and boots that ensure your little ones learn through their feet and brains. We’ve got plenty of vegan options, and everything is wide, thin and flexible with puncture-resistant soles.