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  1. Motus Strength Mens
    Motus Strength Mens
    €190.00 €133.00
    Training footwear for strength and durability
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  2. Primus Asana II Mens
    Primus Asana II Mens
    €175.00 €123.00
    Barefoot, nature-made trainers
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  3. Ababa II Mens
    Ababa II Mens
    €140.00 €98.00
    Minimalist slip-ons for barefoot living
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  4. Ra III Mens
    Ra III Mens
    €165.00 €132.00
    The natural leather Oxford that blurs work and play
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  5. Novus Mens
    Novus Mens
    €200.00 €140.00
    Barefoot trainers that fuse urban style and outdoor sole
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  6. Geo Court III Mens
    Geo Court III Mens
    €175.00 €140.00
    Soft, premium leather trainers for grounded movement
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  7. Rapanui T Shirt Mens
    Rapanui T Shirt Mens
    €30.00 €18.00
    Certified organic T-shirts, made sustainably and with low waste
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  8. Magna Trail II FG Mens
    Magna Trail II FG Mens
    €200.00 €150.00
    A free-moving city sneaker with added outdoor features