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  1. Geo Racer Knit Womens
    Geo Racer Knit Womens
    Rebuild natural foot strength with every workout.
    As low as DKK1,115.00
  2. Primus Lite III Womens
    Primus Lite III Womens
    The lightweight recycled active trainer, made for uninhibited movement
    As low as DKK1,040.00
  3. Primus Lite III All Weather Womens
    Primus Lite III All Weather Womens
    The lightweight active all-weather trainer, for year-round movement
    As low as DKK1,115.00
  4. Geo Racer II Womens
    Geo Racer II Womens
    Feet first exercise footwear, made with recycled and vegan materials
    As low as DKK1,045.00

Our Womens Active range offers lightweight trainers for barefoot running, Pilates or high intensity workouts. Made with our thin, patented puncture resistant sole, our Active shoes for women allow your feet to train up, so you can start to move as evolution and nature intended. The light and lean Primus Lite has a super flexible construction, giving your feet space to work to the height of their potential on your workout.
When transitioning to barefoot, start slowly, start by walking. You’ll gradually gain the strength and flexibility needed to train and run freely, from weekend park runs to long-distance races.