Calisthenics Fundamentals Course

Master natural mobility and strength

Wherever you are in your training journey, join calisthenics maestros Juan, Tayo and Andrea to harness the power of bodyweight workouts. Correct movement imbalances, supercharge your mobility, strength and skill, and enjoy incredible transferable performance gains.

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Remarkable full-body performance is achievable with just your bodyweight. From stretching exercises to training techniques, and from foundational movements to advanced skills, use bodyweight alone to radically improve your mobility, strength, skill and balance. 


Understand the many ways your body can move, use this knowledge to identify your limitations, then learn mobility exercises that will restore full movement and boost long-term performance, functionality and injury resilience. 


Master the exercises required to develop empowering full-body strength – without the need for expensive gym memberships or elaborate routines. 


Come away with a roadmap of increasingly advanced calisthenics exercises – and the skills and steps necessary to achieve them – to fuel long-term motivation and progression. 

Course structure

With three modules based on the three pillars of proper physical training, you’ll learn how to identify movement restrictions, restore natural mobility, develop full-body strength and train advanced calisthenics skills.

Module 1


Begin by understanding movement planes, basic biomechanics and muscular anatomy. Use your knowledge to identify movement restrictions, then learn how to apply stretching and mobility drills to restore full natural movement.

Module 2


Learn how to develop core stability and push and pull strength – for upper and lower body – using proper movement patterns through all movement planes. Master a range of exercises, andunderstand different ways to train them using reps and sets.

Module 3

Bodyweight skills

Meet six core calisthenics skills, each more difficult than the last: the l-sit, muscle up, handstand, back lever, front lever and planche. Break each down into progression and conditioning exercises that will fuel your learning, motivation and gains for months to come.

Meet the coach

Juan Lopez, founder of calisseum 

Calisseum founder Juan Lopez began his fitness career as a Physical Training Instructor in the British Army, responsible for the physical development and rehabilitation of a 600-soldier battalion. In 2019, Juan met the London calisthenics community when launching community-engagement programmes for knife-crime charity Steel Warriors, which builds outdoor calisthenics gyms from melted-down, confiscated knives. He then combined his experience by launching Calisseum: a platform for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to improve their physical and mental health through calisthenics, community engagement and personal support.  .

Meet the coach


Andrea is a qualified tennis coach, personal trainer and fitness influencer whose core value is pushing individuals beyond their perceived limits, irrespective of their level of fitness. As a tennis player and calisthenics athlete, she’s also been competing at high-level tournaments for several years. Her focus and determination towards becoming a champion in body and mind is expressed through her intense calisthenics strength-training style.

Meet the coach


Tayo Awoderu is a renowned calisthenics coach and fitness influencer. His coaching career began when his dedication, innovative techniques and impressive skills caught the attention of fitness enthusiasts on social media. His YouTube and Instagram accounts boast millions of followers, and he’s helped countless people improve their strength, flexibility and wellbeing using calisthenics. Tayo's coaching emphasises mobility, functional strength, proper form and progress over perfection. He also shares valuable insights into nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle habits. He’s collaborated with brands, appeared on podcasts and hosted workshops and seminars around the world.  .

Take their word for it

“Calisseum was one of the best gym classes experiences I had so far. Positive and professional coaches created a one and only experience. This supported my strength and helped me with stability.”

- Calisseum Class Attendee


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