Breathwork for Performance Course

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Learn how to use breathwork to change how you think, feel, move and perform, whether you’re an elite athlete or are just passionate about your wellbeing.



  • Transform your breathing through two hours of online breathwork education.
  • Master practical techniques and the underlying theory.
  • Upgrade from inefficient mouth breathing to efficient nasal breathing.
  • Feel improvements in your athletic performance.
  • Recover faster and sleep better.
  • Improve your focus and concentration.


  • After the course, you’ll know how to integrate healthier, more effective breathing practices into your life and training.
  • Among other things, you’ll learn why breathing is vital to performance; how to evaluate your breathing efficiency; how to improve your breathing mechanics, biochemistry and oxygen-carrying capacity; and how to recover more effectively with breathwork.
  • Your Coach, David Jackson, is a Master Instructor with The Oxygen Advantage, and has personally experienced the transformative power of breathwork.

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Learn how to use breathwork to change how you think, feel, move and perform.

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