In-store Barefoot Coaching

Take your barefoot journey to the next level.

This session is a unique 1.5 hour coaching experience in our central London store - where our expert coaches will provide foot assessments, advice on movement and running skills, giving you bespoke advice and coaching that you can take into your everyday practice.

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Optimise your feet, and your whole body, with a complete running and movement assessment. Work on exercises with Vivo’s expert coach, (the surprisingly northern) Ben LeVesconte. 

But moving is just putting one foot in front of the other – we all learned to do that years ago! We did – and most of us picked bad habits as we went.

Fortunately, Vivos will undo the unintended consequences of a padded life. And coaching will fast track your technique.

Improve technique

Learn how to address issues and get an ongoing programme to make sure you get the best out of Vivobarefoot. You’ll leave with a thorough breakdown of your individual posture and technique.

Individual Attention

Sessions include foot pressure, video and balance analysis. We look forward to helping you on your personalised barefoot journey.

Schedule a session

After signing up for the course you will be direct to the INSPIRE360 platform via email, where you will be able to book in a date that works for you via our online calendar booking system.

What to Wear

We’re based in Covent Garden, so you might be tempted to deck yourself out in something eye-catching. But calm your inner fashionista and keep the styling relaxed. Wear light clothes you can move freely in.

If you’ve recently started your barefoot journey, bring both your Vivos and your regular running or walking shoes.

Course structure

Suitable for seasoned runners and barefoot beginners alike. Delivered by professional running coaches, so you’re in safe feet.  

Module 1

Barefoot Principles

Module 2

Evolutionary Biology & Reconnecting With Feet

Module 3

Evolutionary Physiology & Assessing Posture

Module 4

Understanding Barefoot Movement & Walking

Module 5

Assessing Barefoot Movement & Learning To Squat

Module 6

Coaching Barefoot Movement & Jumping To Running

Module 7

What It All Means- Bringing Together For Sustainable Barefoot Health

Meet the coach

Feet, Movement And Running Technique Coach: Ben Le Vesconte

Ben knows feet. He’s met thousands of pairs (and the runners they’re attached to). Passionate about helping people toward pain-free movement, his focus is on working with you to build optimum form and function. Having trained with medical professionals in London and New York, he is a qualified PT and Functional Exercise Specialist. He’s been part of the Vivobarefoot mission, right from the start.

Take their word for it

“Learned new ways to improve, not only in the physical part but in the part that involves mindset and motivation.”



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