Don't Overprotect Your Kids

“Let your kids feet go wild”


The recommended daily ‘vigorous activity’ for kids is 60 minutes.  Only 20% of kids in the UK get that.  The average in Ethiopia is more than 200 minutes.

Kids are told to sit still; to wear padded, tapered shoes that restrict their natural movement patterns.  Studies show that kids do better at school the more they move. They definitely grow up healthier, with less movement problems later in life.

We have a movement crisis and it’s time to stop over-protecting our kids. Let them run outside, climb trees, eat dirt; be wild.

The bones in a child’s foot are not fully formed until the mid to late teens. Anything that gets in the way of natural foot development, like non-foot shaped shoes or lack of movement, will result in deformed, weak feet. 


Every Vivobarefoot shoe is Wide, Thin & Flat, with a puncture resistant sole, and lets your kid’s feet do their thing.

Don’t interfere. Mother Nature is Boss.

Join the movement. Let your kid’s feet go wild.

Galahad Clark, MD. 




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