Our quest to make the smartest shoe the world has ever seen


VIVOBAREFOOT have partnered with Sensoria to put the smartest shoe on the planet on to your feet. Fully loaded with an unprecedented x4 100htz sensors and an onboard computer that can capture and process lab standard data all built into the VIVOBAREFOOT ultra 5mm thin patented outsole.

We don’t do gimmicks, this is a mission, with a goal, to prove that air bubbles and fancy underfoot cushioning is directly responsible for bad running technique and increased injury rate.We’re using the best sensors and processing speed available to prove that sensory feedback from your feet to your brain is the foundation of moving naturally and moving with skill. It’s time to let your feet do their natural thing and we are going to use the latest technology to prove that you have been standing on the truth all along.


"The new VIVOBAREFOOT smart shoe, powered by Sensoria, leverages our new microelectronics and is able to monitor – in real-time – speed, pace, cadence, GPS track, foot landing technique, time on the ground, impact score and eventually, asymmetry and toe engagement. These are all important metrics to monitor natural running and reduce risk of injury,” said Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria. “Sensoria Core helps the industry and academic researchers around the world learn more about how to improve running form. We are excited to partner with VIVOBAREFOOT to help people run faster, farther and healthier.”



Through our partnership with Sensoria, we are now able to provide real time transition advice to our customers and the visual proof of the incredible sensory feedback loop between your feet and your brain. With the Internet of Me quickly redefining what consumers are looking for in a product, we are extremely proud to provide a system that offers quality biometric data to help researchers, coaches, everyday runners and athletes identify and correct poor habits.

Watch this space.....

The Sensoria Primus is still in production. We'll update you all when we have news. In the meantime, you can get your wild moves going in a pair of original Primus Lite.


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