Kids: Barefoot is best for little feet


Children need full freedom of movement throughout the day in order to develop the body and the senses properly. The feet are no exception. Children greatly benefit from walking barefoot to foster strong and capable feet and to safely navigate their surroundings. When children are required to wear shoes, I highly recommend Vivobarefoot. These shoes allow children to walk in stores, schools, and in other buildings, while still reaping the many benefits of being barefoot. My own daughters have Vivobarefoot and they ADORE them! They are super comfortable and I love that they are also supporting healthy foot development at the same time.

- Angela Hanscom, founder of TimberNook and author of Balanced & Barefoot


Angela J. Hanscom is a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of TimberNook - an award-winning developmental and nature based program that has gained international popularity. She holds a master's degree in occupational therapy, and an undersgraduate degree in kinesiology (the study of movement) with concentration in health fitness. Awarded a "Hometown Hero" by Glamour magazine for her innovative work with TimberNook, Hanscom has also been a freuquent contributor to The Washington Post's "Answer Sheet" column, and was featured on the NPR education blogs Children And Nature Network and MindShift. Hansom resides in Barrington, New Hampshire. 




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