Why is Vivobarefoot becoming a regenerative business? Because the status quo needs shaking up with actions that urgently revise ingrained, habitual approaches to commerce.

Vivobarefoot is already on this journey. Our footwear is scientifically proven to improve our health, while our B-Corp(™) certification means we are legally bound to value economic, environmental and social capital – and equality.

Taking on bad habits is what we do. This is just beginning…


Published as Vivobarefoot turns 10 years old, this year's report looks back on the last decade. As Galahad (our Ecosystem Lead) puts it, we're proud to be part of the growing movement of regenerative businesses swimming ever more firmly against the tide.  
You can download the one-page summary, download the full report or dive into specific sections.



The Vivobarefoot Barefoot Code contains our company policies and the Barefoot Manual is our employee handbook. Owned by our employees, it creates a space for all our employees to access information about Vivobarefoot and our ways of working.


Vivobarefoot believes the only real model of environmental sustainability the natural world itself: nature is the path to human wellbeing and we must set goals to regenerate and restore it.

Our Environmental Code outlines the guiding principles for our business: our rules to respect and our goals to regenerate the planet.


Vivobarefoot believes that in order to address issues of discrimination because of age, race, gender, ability, sex, pregnancy, religion or beliefs we need to make a conscious effort to identify and invest in improving systemic behaviours.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy covers Vivobarefoot’s position on providing equal opportunities in employment and business practice. We also strive to implement this policy to with our wider stakeholder community.


As a purpose driven brand, ethics and sustainability sit at the heart of the Vivobarefoot and everything we do - including our marketing.

With this Policy, we aim to go beyond mere compliance; we believe we can actually help business be a force for good.

Our Ethical Marketing Policy details our ‘natural’ marketing approach; treating customers with respect and focusing on long term growth and relationships.


Vivobarefoot is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and compliance with all relevant laws wherever we do business. 

Compliance with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws are essential to this commitment - we do not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption. 

All directors, employees, workers and contractors are required to apply with our Policy and with the spirit and letter of anti-bribery and corruption laws.


Since Vivobarefoot was launched in 2012, we have sponsored a number of social and environmental initiatives around the world.

Our Livebarefoot Foundation is an in-house incubation hub for coordinating these initiatives and future initiatives focused on regenerating people and the planet.

Our funding policy covers how we manage these projects and all contributions to them responsibly.


Vivobarefoot is committed to promoting and protecting human rights, personal health and safety and the environment is essential to doing business.

We seek to hold long-term partnerships with suppliers and manufacturing partners that share these same values.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the minimum requirements for our value chain, and their values chains, for good working conditions and workplace rights.


It is a requirement of contractual relationships with all Vivobarefoot partners to comply with our Supplier and Manufacturing Partner Code of Conduct.

Our Best Practice Tool is the simple framework we use to share information with our value chain on compliance to the Code and continuous improvement.

*all policies are currently under review and will be finalised by November 2020


Simply put, B Corp(™) is a community of businesses that believe in balancing purpose and profit - a belief in making a positive impact and being a benefit to society.

In 2020, Vivobarefoot became a certified B Corp with a score of 98.8, roughly 5% above the average score for B Corp(™) businesses, but a below Patagonia (we like them), who have a with a leading score of 151.4.

While we have a serious amount of work to do to make our business regenerative for people and planet we know our starting point - our shoes are already regenerative for human health.


Vivobarefoot works with suppliers and manufacturers around the world to make, distribute and sell our products and experiences.

We believe radical transparency is fundamental to the way we do business and our journey to being the most regenerative business on the planet. 

Our value chain map is a visual representation of exactly who we are working with, where they are and how they are performing against Vivobarefoot standards.


More than ever, the world needs transparent and accountable social businesses that balance commercial needs with investing to make the world a better place. 

The Livebarefoot Fund is an in-house incubation hub for social and environmental initiatives that to pioneer regeneration solutions for environmental and social problems.

Our long-term goal is to be the world’s leading impact investment hub for regeneration.


The world is awash in greenwash convincing us the problems don't exist. Sustain This? is about asking the tough questions to discover the hard truths that give us agency to save the world.