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  1. Thermal Insole Juniors
    Thermal Insole Juniors
    Keep your feet warm without losing the barefoot experience.
  2. Liquiproof LABS Leather Nourisher
    Liquiproof LABS Leather Nourisher

    Nourisher for all types of leather

  3. Liquiproof Premium Freshener
    Liquiproof Premium Freshener
    Fast-acting odour killing spray, rapidly eliminating bad odours
  4. Liquiproof Premium Eco-Cleaner
    Liquiproof Premium Eco-Cleaner
    Condition and clean while removing stains
  5. Liquiproof Premium Protector
    Liquiproof Premium Protector
    Long lasting waterproof and stain protection for all fabrics.
  6. Liquiproof Footwear & Fashion Travel Kit
    Liquiproof Footwear & Fashion Travel Kit
    Multi-purpose travel bag