Running Fundamentals Course

Ready to discover the joys of running in minimalist footwear? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or taking your first barefoot steps, this course will teach you how to improve your technique and grow stronger safely and efficiently.


Running in minimalist footwear brings serious benefits. It gives you more feeling and more strength, helping you move more naturally. But it’s also a skill that requires practice. To stay healthy, it’s important to progress gradually, listen to your body and run with the correct technique. How you run is more important than what you run with.


No matter your experience or ability, VIVOHEALTH’s coaches will help you learn and implement techniques that will improve your running for years to come. The course includes a running assessment and a private video call with one of our coaches to talk through how to improve your technique.



What you get in the course



Ben is Vivobarefoot’s Head Barefoot Movement Coach. As a personal trainer who specialises in skilful movement, Ben brings over a decade’s experience training and working alongside health professionals to help thousands of people reconnect with their feet and embrace natural movement.


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