Live better with our Breathwork for Performance course

This online course will show you the power of breath to change how you think, feel, move and perform.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or simply care about your wellbeing, learn how breath impacts performance and how to integrate healthier, more effective breathing practices into your life and training.

The theory, exercises and techniques used in the course are rooted in 20 years of scientific research into the physiological impact of breathing, plus extensive practical experience working with professional athletes to improve performance and recovery through breathwork.

What you’ll get from the course

1. Transform your breathing through two hours of online breathwork education.

4. Feel improvements in your athletic performance.

2. Master practical techniques and the underlying theory.

5. Recover faster and sleep better.

3. Upgrade from inefficient mouth breathing to efficient nasal breathing.

6. Improve your focus and concentration.


David Jackson, or Jacko, is a Master Instructor with The Oxygen Advantage. He’s also an accredited UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Director of School of Calisthenics and a former professional rugby player. When a brain injury forced him to retire from rugby and retrain his own breathing, Jacko discovered the power of breath to change how we think, feel and perform. He’s on a mission to make breathwork a normal part of life, for everybody from office professionals to elite athletes.

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