23 November 2021

Say No To Black Friday, Say Yes to Revivo

Say No To Black Friday, Say Yes to Revivo

Let’s say NO to Black Friday.

Let’s say NO to overproduction.

Let’s say NO to overconsumption. 

Let's say YES to Revivo.

We have a colossal problem on our feet. Of around 24 billion pairs of shoes produced each year, a whopping 99% end up in landfill*.

And there’s more trouble on the horizon …

Black Friday upon us, with its feeding frenzy of discounts, deals and, after all the fun, more heaps of rubbish. 

We understand why people love Black Friday. But our futures, and our planet’s future, depend on us finding less wasteful ways to consume. This is why we’re one of the few brands saying ‘No!’ to Black Friday. 

ReVivo by Vivobarefoot, our platform for buying secondhand Vivos, offers a regenerative alternative. Unlike Black Friday, it says ‘Yes!’ to good value, planetary health and human health all at once. 

Think of ReVivo as a big community sharing hand-me-downs, hand-me-ups and hand-me-rounds - all walking in one another’s shoes towards a regenerative future.

Instead of throwing them away, ReVivo allows you to return your tired-looking Vivos to us. (Return is free if you’re in the UK, and we’re working on extending this in the near future.)

After re-crafting them back into tip-top condition, or recycling them if they’re beyond repair, we then sell them on ReVivo alongside some Never Worn Vivos from previous seasons.

As the first footwear brand to launch a re-sale platform, we’re pioneering the circular footwear economy. In fact, as we write this we’re at COP 26 in Glasgow, presenting VIVOBIOME: our regenerative vision for 3-D printed footwear. ReVivo is integral to this vision. 

Like all secondhanders, we know value is important. The circular economy must be accessible. This is why joining the ReVivo movement doesn’t only mean reducing landfill. Revivo is the radical and practical way to keep your kids in barefoot-wear at more accessible prices, while keeping VivoKids on feet for longer.

Kids should be Wild Kids - roaming freely outdoors, finding treasure and putting their Vivos through as much tough play as their exploration requires.  And because VivoKids are ultra-thin soled and don’t mould around feet, they’re ideal to be worn by more than one wild kid. Knowing we can repair and repurpose their adventure-worn Vivos means they can be wild without waste. 

So if you really need Vivos this Black Friday, buy ReVivo.