October 11, 2023

How to Maximise Recovery

How to Maximise Recovery


This is the final blog in our series on improving your performance and health through natural training. So far we’ve defined natural training, explained how training barefoot supercharges your gains, and identified eight natural-training programmes you can follow. This blog focuses on recovery.

Regular natural training is a powerful tool, but without recovering well you won’t feel the full benefits. Whether you’re into yoga, bodyweight training, trail running, primal movement or animal flow, reaching your natural potential means caring for your body between workouts. Here are seven natural-recovery principles to help guide you.

1 - Sleep well

2 - Eat and drink properly

3 - Stretch, mobilise and stretch again

4 - Recover actively

5 -  Meditate

6 -  Learn to breathe

7 -  Get chilly


Mastering these methods will massively improve your recovery times, training quality, performance gains and general wellbeing - especially if you remember to train barefoot, train naturally, and find a training programme that works for you. Training naturally in this way will grow into living naturally, and you won’t look back. Go well!

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