Wild barefoot adventure doesn’t just strengthen your sensory connection with nature. It amplifies your sense of oneness with the earth beyond space and time – we are nature, nature is us.

But this connection is threatened - especially if you’re plugged into the cityscape, which sings with life but tames and tramples nature.

Nowhere are we so plugged in yet tuned out.


We're in the business of regeneration -

feet, people and planet


Turn the hi-tech thumb scroll into a low-tech earth stroll. Rewild your mind with nature as your portal to a supernatural dimension. Venture beyond the cityscape before diving back in with deeper connection.



The ultimate in minimalist movement


Feeling is Everything

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The Tracker Decon is for outsiders seeking a deeper relationship with nature. It’s pared-back, all-terrain footwear built to thrive in, and explore the wilds beyond, the cityscape with full barefoot feeling, fresh style and supernatural materials.



Wide to allow for healthy foot spread and natural stability, thin to enable you to feel more and move skillfully, and flexible to build foot strength enable natural movement 

Stripped-back, forward-looking barefoot hiking boots.