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  1. Magna Lite SG Mens
    Magna Lite SG Mens
    The summer hiker for barefoot wanderers
  2. Magna Trail II FG Mens
    Magna Trail II FG Mens
    City-to-summit men's hiking trainers, made from animal-free materials
  3. Tracker II FG Mens
    Tracker II FG Mens
    The natural alternative to normal hiking boots
  4. Tracker Forest Esc Mens
    Tracker Forest Esc Mens
    Go off-trail in our toughest men's hikers
  5. Magna Forest Esc Mens
    Magna Forest Esc Mens
    The best hiking boots for ESCapes to the wild
  6. Tracker Decon FG2 Mens
    Tracker Decon FG2 Mens
    Stripped-back, forward-looking men's hikers

Our Men's Outdoor footwear gives your feet everything they need to move with barefoot confidence on the trail and off the beaten track. We’ve got all-weather hiking boots like the Tracker II, trail-running shoes like the Primus Trail, city-to-summit walking footwear like the Magna FG and even an amphibious land-and-water shoe. Everything is lightweight, wide, thin and flexible, so you feel nature like never before. Perfect for building natural strength, flexibility and balance and staying sure-footed on varied terrain. However you explore, we’ve got you.