We're in the business of regeneration -

feet, people and planet

Championing tomorrow’s conservationists

Kenya's Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a pioneering refuge for iconic, endangered wildlife, with a deep commitment to community empowerment and conservation education. United by a passion for nature reconnection, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Lewa to champion the next generation of conservationists.


The Addis Lewa is a limited-edition version of our retro sneaker, the Addis. Made for everyday barefoot comfort, it’s hand-stitched by Ethiopian makers and features a print designed by Kenyan artist and cultural-innovator Anyango Mpinga. 10% of every sale will go directly to Lewa’s amazing conservation education.  

  1. Addis Lewa Juniors
    Addis Lewa Juniors
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  2. Addis Lewa Kids
    Addis Lewa Kids
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  3. Addis Lewa Mens
    Addis Lewa Mens
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Made with nature 

The Addis Lewa is made from natural, renewable materials, including naturally scarred wildhide leather from free-roaming cattle on small-scale farms. 

Walk in step with your ancestors 

Ready to walk in the earliest recorded and preserved human steps? The design of our Addis Sole is inspired by those very footprints, left in Laetoli, Tanzania around 3.7 million years ago. 

The Addis Lewa’s African roots run deep. Each pair is hand-stitched by Ethiopian makers in partnership with Pittards, which pays four times the local average and provides community training and education. 

We're in the business of regeneration -

feet, people and planet

Wide to allow for healthy foot spread and natural stability, thin to enable you to feel more and move skillfully, and flexible to build foot strength enable natural movement 

Beyond protecting endangered species, Lewa imagines a future where humans cherish and live in harmony with wildlife and the natural world. This means investing heavily in local communities, from healthcare to education and enterprise skills. 
Cultivating future conservationists is crucial to this vision. Whether by building schools, putting books in backpacks or inspiring kids through wild experiences and environmental programmes, Lewa is working extra hard to empower young humans with our future in their hands (and feet!). 

Anyango Mpinga is a Kenyan artist, social entrepreneur and cultural innovator. Her eponymous sustainable fashion label champions circularity, inclusion and community empowerment.