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Family rewilding weekends

Retreat, reconnect, rewild


In partnership with renowned wilderness guides from Wild Human, our Rewilding Weekends equip and enable you and your family to rewild yourselves by learning to unlock the power of nature. 

To rewild is to revitalise your senses, rediscover awe, live in harmony with nature and embrace personal growth. Rewilded people feel more, do more and care more. The planet needs more rewilded people!

From fire-building to foraging, camp crafting to star reading, get ready to swap digital screens for wild skills that lighten your footprints and deepen your relationships with nature and each other.

All profits will go back into the Livebarefoot Foundation, to support rewilding experiences across the world.

We offered two rewilding experiences over the summer. Once we have new dates we will update them here so watch this space.



Wild Human’s Ben McNutt and Deborah Nickolls are highly respected bushcraft instructors and survival experts. Totally committed to the natural world, they are continuously refining their wilderness skills and knowledge and pioneering new experiences that deeply reconnect people with nature.

They will create an empowering environment for you to learn skills, expand your horizons and return from your time in the wild transformed.



Oak Howe is thirteen private acres of young woodland in Lake District National Park, halfway between Kendal and Windermere. Planted with native broadleaf trees from 2011 as a rewilding project, it is also home to beautiful mature oaks and a stretch of river providing an increasingly diverse wildlife habitat.



Sensible outdoor clothing is essential for all of our courses. 

We recommend that you bring:

A hat

A waterproof and windproof Jacket

Wool jumper or fleece top

Several long and short-sleeved T-shirts. 

Cargo/combat trousers are ideal; as they are strong, light and fast drying (do not bring denim jeans).

Sturdy hiking boots are a must, as some of the terrain is steep and rocky. 

We also recommend that you bring a pair of old trainers for the evenings 

And spare changes of clothes stored in a plastic bag to keep them dry.

Equipment checklist:

Small day-sack

Sleeping bag, preferably 3 season

Self-inflating or closed-cell foam sleeping mat

Tent, or fly-sheet & bivy-bag

Torch and spare batteries

Small first aid kit, including plasters, blister kit, tweezers, foot powder and any personal medication

Sun block and lip balm

Good insect repellent

Wash kit and towel, preferably containing biodegradable soap

Knife, fork and spoon

Mug, bowl & plate

Water bottle

Notebook and pencils

Ziploc bags





Please note: Please bring your favourite knife and saw if you have one.

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