As an adventurous blend of  swimming and running, swimrun is the ultimate fusion of green and blue health: improving your physical and mental wellbeing by immersing yourself in wild lands and waters. It’s the power of trail running, mindfulness, water therapy and wild swimming rolled into one unique experience.

Could this be the healthiest adventure sport around?


Blue Mind is a term coined by scientist, activist, and author, Wallace J. Nichols, that refers to the healing properties and regenerative nature of water. Waves of research have affirmed nature’s healing powers. Nature boosts our immune systems. Water makes us happier. If even looking at nature can change your brain waves, lower your heart rate, reduce your stress and improve your sleep, what might swimrunning in nature do?


A quick drying upper and high traction outsole, delivers optimum performance in and out of the water, making it perfect for all-out trail running as well as swimrun.

  1. Hydra Esc Womens
    Hydra ESC Womens
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  2. Hydra Esc Mens
    Hydra ESC Mens
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swimrun your own way

Using swimrun to explore your local patch is a great way to reconnect, and while being super accessible. With minimal kit, and a healthy sense of adventure, a memorable escapade is just around the corner. 

ÖTILLÖ (“island to island” in Swedish) pioneered competitive swimrun, and organise the epic Swimrun World Series. They’re super passionate about reconnecting with nature, and we’re stoked to be partners. Whether you're looking to dip your toe, or push your limits alongside the world's best, there's a course for everyone.

a wild workout

Beyond its blue and green benefits, swimrun is also an amazing cardio workout. Swimming is excellent for low-impact muscular endurance, and trail running builds awesome foot and ankle strength and mobility.

for barefoot amphibians

With a Michelin© ESC sole for gripping the slickest terrans, super fast drainage and a low water weight, hydrodynamic lacing, and a Bloom® foam insole for gliding through water, the Hydra ESC delivers optimum performance in and out of the water, making it perfect for all-out trail running as well as swimrun.


The Hydra ESC is flow as well as performance. Each relies on the other. With signature barefoot sensitivity, amphibious capability and an algae insole that helps replenish waterways, the Hydra ESC unlocks nature’s healing powers and reminds you that we are water.

harness the power of your breath

You might not be able to breathe like an amphibian, but you can use breathwork to transform how you think, feel and perform. Whether you’re chasing a new personal best or simply care about your wellbeing, learn how to integrate healthier, more effective breathing practices into your swimrunning, life and training.

Supercharge your season

You Want to feel swimrun-ready and maximise your barefoot adventures? From healthy natural movement to enhanced natural health, Vivohealth’s online courses will get you primed.