World of Barefoot

May 9, 2017



Brainy, foot-shaped feet grow up strong and skillful too.

Kid's feet are born perfect. While being barefoot as much as possible is ideal, we get that it's not realistic: so Vivobarefoot is a barely-there shoe to help them grow up perfect too.

Our shoes are foot-shaped, not shoe-shaped; they are wide. This means all the tiny bone and tendons in our feet and ankles grow strong and flexible. Especially important are developing naturally splayed toes and a strong and straight Big Toe (4x as thick and 4x as dense as the other toes), vital, and intended for stability and skillful, healthy movement.

'Normal' shoes are narrow, squashing toes and not letting kids' develop into their natural shape, so they can't build the strength and stability they need. It's not just the muscles and bones in our body that have to have space to grow - it goes for our feet too - and we have over 26 bones and over 100 muscles in our feet!

Imagine sticking a kids' foot in a teeny cast, and then leaving it there until they're all grown up (they'd have weak muscles and deformed bones).